MING’S ENCLAVE is a non-discriminatory, open platform which aims to connect people from all over the world who are feeling lost as individuals and lack the drive needed to succeed in life.

I took this selfie in 2017 when I was only 20 years old.

My name is Leong Ming Loong, a Singaporean who dropped out of university due to crippling social anxiety and low self-esteem. After my departure from school, I decided to work some jobs in-between to earn some pocket money and even took up a fashion design course. But throughout my endeavours to see fruition come to life, I was always held back by my incomprehensible lack of motivation and bouts of sudden depression that cost me my jobs and fashion studies – which I was so eager to complete.

It was then that reality hit me: I was facing an ‘early-life crisis’. I was a young lad who had a healthy body and a sound mind. So why did this happen to me? The simple answer was that I had spent too much time trying to be like everyone else and had lost the confidence to dig up my own identity. This was what sparked me to create this website, in hopes that I would be able to give you that same confidence that I did not have and allow you to find the direction in life that suits you best.