The Tunnel of Light

A faint dot appears – significantly pale yet alluring such that it draws your attention to it.

Upon meditation, I discovered that a small dot would appear every time I concentrated long and hard at the singular point between my eyebrows. This often resulted in a dull sensation around that area which trickled down my cheek and neck on my left side as tingling sensations. Bright, dazzling lights would flash sporadically as my mind observed this fireworks display up close. Behind my forehead was a projector screen upon which numerous visualisations manifested themselves as my consciousness of my physical body slowly faded away. The lights soon steadied themselves and merged into a unifying panoramic view quite similar to that of the Sun. The light was torturous to look at in the beginning; however, as I practised meditation more and more, I gradually embraced this sighting as a mere phenomenon of the radiating soul. I looked upon it with great calmness and wonderment.

With every inhalation, my entire body tensed up; and with every exhalation, all my muscles suddenly loosened themselves and it felt as though I were now looking through my eyelids. Beyond the light, there was even more light – periods of tentative darkness that soon erupted into unfiltered sunlight. Waves of intermittent exchanges between light and darkness soon ended in spinning light circles and a light waterfall which started from the top of my head and slid so gently down this screen that was my forehead. Out of this inexplicable turmoil arose a small dot right in the centre of it all: this dot I knew to be indestructible. Elusive and small, it kept swimming around as I tried to centre and hold my focus on it. However hard I tried, it kept escaping the clasp of my mind’s singular point of focus. The dot swam around for a while more before disappearing, never to be seen again.

The next time I meditated, it came back after entering a deep trance. The dot, like before, disappeared once again. But at least it stayed visible longer this time round. The dot is a powerful expression of the reality of beginning and end. It is this tiny dot that explodes in multitudinous directions, giving birth to the cosmos and beyond. And yet, such immense build up of energy can be compressed into an infinitesimally small dot that can only be accessed when undivided attention is given to it. This dot deserves all the attention in your life – all the attention that you could ever muster and all of your heart’s desire and devotion to reach it.

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